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전체 Drama Comedy Fantastic Romance Mystery
Total 8건
Authentic Fantastic Horror Thriller, Homodeus (October 2017)
Full-blown fantasy horror thriller, reversal and reversal that can not be predicted
The murder case, the predominant suspect, disappears and the murdered bodies begin to return to life.......

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Oasis Dry Cleaner [Director' Joongmok Kweon]
It is reinterpreted as the movie of the Daehangno small theater myth, the oasis laundry raid event! Since being premiered at the Seoul Arts Center in May 2003, the drama has attracted attention with the Dong-A Theater Award for Dramatic Performance, the Best Drama of the Year, and the Dramatic Theater Award. In the background of the laundry, the story of the owner of the laundry, Gang Tae-guk and the people around him, gives a satirical satire and deep impression to the all-,
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Grendel [Yoon Min-min] scheduled to open on October 10, 2017
Desire makes man a different person. Success in exchanging equivalence with the death of others, your choice?
There was a case in which a prominent psychology professor was murdered in the murder game motif in the novel. But a young writer, Han Joon, conceals the killer for his immediate success. As a result, Han Jun, who is the original author of the novel, is swept away by media and public opinion because of imitation crime, and suddenly succeeds his life.

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Good Student, Director(Youngjin Lee/ Hongsik Noh )
Cast (HyoJin Kim, Sakhalin Kang)
Social accusations of prostitution in the Republic of Korea's first sex movie for teenagers.
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Good day for watching porn, Director Kwon Moon-sun
Oh Dong-suk, a high school boy, and his friends met during the summer vacation. They are attending essay school. They are interested in women. Their hobby is watching porn videos. One day, a girl named Mi Ae comes to the academy. Mi Ae resembles Japanese AV actress Yakizaki...
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The opening (May 12, 2016), real youth music movie (For Your Youth)
Entry into competition division of Jeju Film Festival 2015
Indie musicians who talk about grueling youth and guts like living with grasshoppers. But our self-portrait singing dreaming romance. Jeju Island's live video of Jeju Island, where she lives ...
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May 05, 2016 Comic / Melo Movie (Midnight in Seoul)
In the background of the night view of Seoul, "Beck Sunrise" and "Park Sun-il" of "Comic / Melo / Romance / Drama" released in 1995, , Kang Hye-jeong "starring" the purpose of love "," bizarre her "motif mixed with funny comic and impressive film.
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Ceylon, Serendipity Writer/Director( Joongmok Kweon)
2015 Guangzhou International Film Festival "Korea movies now," the official Invitation section.
This modern works to reinterpret everyday life in vain vision live and suffer. (Ceylon, Serendipity)
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